Flat Slide Design for Improved Throttle Response and Airflow.

Oval-shaped Throttle Valve

It provides a larger opening for the airflow compared to a circular throttle.

This allows more air to flow into the engine, improving its performance.

Power Jet

The circular slide design provides better throttle response.

PWK carburetor feature a power jet, which is a secondary jet that is used to deliver additional fuel at high RPMs.

It could help to prevent engine overheating and improve throttle response.

Improved Airflow

High-flow design provides improved airflow and fuel atomization.

It helps to improve engine performance and throttle response.

Adjustable Needle

The circular slide provides smoother operation compared to other types of throttle slides, as there are no sharp edges or corners that can catch on the carburetor body.

Multiple Adjustable Features

Air, fuel mixture, and idle speed, all have a range of adjustable features.

This allows for fine tuning of fuel delivery to optimize engine performance.

High-strength Materials

Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel high-strength materials, there is also an anti-oxidation layer.

This provides excellent durability under high pressure conditions.

Easy Maintenance

The modular design allows for easy disassembly and maintenance.

This is especially important in racing applications where quick repairs and adjustments are often required.