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Founded in 1983 by the Italian brothers, Marino Nibbi and Pete Nibbi, NIBBI RACING has become a world-renowned motocross parts brand under their unremitting pursuit from general power machinery to racing parts.

Anchored by the ultimate power design concept as the core, and through the design and innovation of motocross racing carburetors, NIBBI RACING has established a position as an innovative leader in the motocross parts industry. With the goal of allowing motocross bikes to exert their extreme power, NIBBI RACING expanded its product line to a whole system of motorcycles, which contains Fuel Supply/Air Intake/Control/Drive/Electrical Control/Brake/Suspension and Engine, and continued to improve, develop, and innovate based on performance in various events, such as MXGP, Romaniacs, Erzberg, Dakar, etc.

NIBBI RACING's Global operations are orchestrated across three strategically positioned centers:

  • The U.S. Brand Operations Center in California spearheads global brand strategy, outreach, and promotion, reinforcing NIBBI RACING's international footprint.
  • The Technical Research and Development Center, stationed in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is the crucible of innovation, driving product ideation, research, and testing.
  • Nestled in Canton China, the Procurement and Supply Center is the nexus for international trade with its strong supply chain, ensuring seamless global accessibility.

NIBBI RACING team members are a group of professionals who are passionate about motocross racing and modification. United by a shared vision, we endeavor to augment off-road motorcycling, providing racers with unparalleled performance modifications, and curating holistic, tailored solutions for the global community of motorcycle aficionados.

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