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Spark Plug R9IV/D8RIV(1 pcs)

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  • Diameter ofthread: 10mm
  • Length ofthread: 19mm
  • Six side size: 16mm
  • Calorific value: 9


  • Diameter ofthread: 12mm
  • Length ofthread: 19mm
  • Six side size: 17.5mm
  • Calorific value: 8


  • Iridium alloy has an extremely high melting point
  • Iridium electrode is 25% smaller than a platinum electrode, and is 1/4 the size of a conventional nickel electrode
  • Fine wire center electrode ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark
  • Ultra-small diameter center electrode reduces voltage requirement and extends ignition system life
  • Corrugated ribs prevent flashover
  • Metal shell plating has enhanced anti-corrosion qualities
  • Copper core promotes heat removal
  • Triple seals prevent leakage


  • 60-day warranty