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Every Acceleration, Precise and Accurate

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Power Evolved Performance Boosted

NIBBI Racing Carburetor Unleashes Your Vehicle's Full Potential

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Dakar Proven Race-Grade Braking

Designed for Extreme Challenges, Ensuring Performance and Safety for Top Drivers.

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Comprehensive Filtration Exceptional Protection

High-Efficiency Intake System Guards Engine Health And Extends Lifespan

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Traverse The Forest Comfort In Tow

Discover Well-Designed Off-Road Riding Gear That Makes Every Adventure Comfortably Worry-Free

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Performance Increase Validated.


I just finished install my new NIBBI carb with a NIBBI intake adapter and a NIBBI performance air filter. I immediately noticed a difference in performance once I had the carb properly installed.

Absolutely awesome!!!!


All I had to do was adjust the intake and idle and WoW, amazing!! No more bogging no more shutdown if hit throttle to fast.

Awesome carb, more power, smoother acceleration

Joseph P.

This is a very good up grade for my SSR 150cc pit bike. Very well constructed, impressed with the quality.

Superb aftermarket carburetor


Installed easily and adjustments, including installing/changing the jets, couldnt be simpler.

Great product!

Happy camper

So this is the second time I've ordered a Nibbi carb. Both were installed on my two boy's quads. They not only look great, but they actually perform!!! I love how easy it is to tune them. Swapping out jets is very simple.

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NIBBI Racing and Polar Leopard Triumph Together: The Innovative Journey of the 2024 Dakar Future Mission 1000

The Nibbi Racing braking system withstood the toughest test in extreme race conditions to win the 2024 Dakar.

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Motorcycle Carburetor

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Motorcycle Carburetor

Discover the essential steps to cleaning your motorcycle's carburetor with our comprehensive guide. A clean carburetor ensures optimal engine performance and efficiency, preventing common issues like rough idling and poor fuel economy. This article provides a detailed walkthrough of the entire cleaning process, from gathering the necessary tools to testing your bike after reassembly. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice mechanic, our guide equips you with the knowledge to maintain your carburetor effectively, helping you achieve a smoother, more reliable ride.

Mastering the Art of Motorcycle Carburetor Adjustment: A DIY Guide

Mastering the Art of Motorcycle Carburetor Adjustment: A DIY Guide

Discover how to fine-tune your motorcycle's carburetor with our comprehensive DIY guide. Learn about the critical role of the carburetor in achieving optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. This article provides you with a detailed walkthrough of each component, from the pilot jet to the float bowl, and offers step-by-step instructions for adjusting idle speed, tuning the air-fuel mixture, and synchronizing multiple carburetors. Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or a beginner, our guide empowers you to maintain and enhance your motorcycle's performance with confidence. Dive into the world of carburetor adjustment and ride smoother, faster, and more efficiently.

HOW TO Adjust Motorcycle Carburetor Floats Height

HOW TO Adjust Motorcycle Carburetor Floats Height

The carburetor is probably the most misunderstood mechanical part of motorcycles and many small engine machines. All engines require a proper mixture of air and fuel for combustion, and this device, known as the carburetor controls the ratio of the air/fuel mixture entering the engine. This sounds simple enough, but there are many carburetor parts that, if not set properly, will at best cause the bike to run badly, or at worst keep it from running at all. The correct ratio of air and fuel is crucial for engine performance.

Nibbi Racing

We endeavor to augment off-road motorcycling, providing racers with unparalleled performance modifications, and curating holistic, tailored solutions for the global community of motorcycle aficionados.



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