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Repair With Jets For PE Carburetor

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Jet-related kits for rebuilding PE carburetors.Includes necessary parts such as jet, jet needle, float, etc.Manufactured to strict industry standards and high levels of craftsmanship.It uses industry-leading equipment and quality materials to ensure everlasting reliability and eduring value.


  • Float Needle*1
  • Float Pin*1
  • Clip*1
  • Jet Needle*1
  • Gasket*1
  • Jet Holder*1
  • Main Jat*1
  • Pilot Jet*1
  • Float Bowl Gasket*1


  • After years of trial and testing
  • Quality materials
  • Optimal performance
  • Unique, reliable and practical
  • Withstand harsh conditions


  • 30-day warranty

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