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Dirt Bike Air Filters For 20 RR Model

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Model Fitment

  • Beta RR 125 2T (2020-2020)
  • Beta RR 200 2T (2020-2020)
  • Beta RR 250 2T (2020-2020)
  • Beta RR 300 2T (2020-2020)
  • Beta RR 350 4T (2020-2020)
  • Beta RR 390 4T (2020-2020)
  • Beta RR 430 4T (2020-2020)
  • Beta RR 480 4T (2020-2020)

The nibbi off-road air filter is made of polyurethane foam with many conical shapes cut into its surface to maximize the outer surface area, which is double the outer surface area of a normal filter. Greater chance of trapping dust, sand and dirt ensures that optimal airflow is maintained, thus maximizing engine performance and reliability.


  • Excellent air flow for a satisfying riding experience
  • Excellent engine protection
  • Simple to install, clean and re-oil


  • 30-day warranty