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Dual Layer Clamp-on Air Filter

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The nibbi dual layer clamp-on air filter is designed with a "tilt" of 15º to accommodate compact or unusual installations, and a clip-on style to make it more versatile. It can be used on motorcycles, go-karts, tractors, air compressors, snowmobiles, anything with a carburetor can benefit from it.


  • Color: inner yellow, outer black
  • Type: 15°
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Size: 35mm≈1.38in / 45mm≈1.77in / 49mm≈1.92in


  • Double-layer foam design, super anti-fouling ability
  • Maintains high air flow rate inhalation performance
  • Made of high quality materials, durable
  • Washable and reusable

The nibbi dual layer clamp-on air filter consists of "two layers" of foam. The outer layer is black and the inner layer is yellow. Polyurethane is used as the raw material because of its excellent dirt trapping ability and its ability to be easily cleaned and reused.


  • 30-Day Warranty

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