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FCR42 Carburetor

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FCR carburetor designed for the specialized needs of the off-road racer.The NIBBI FCR carburetor has many new features to take motocross and ATV performance to the next level.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Spigot: 48mm OD 42mm ID
  • Intake: 56mm OD
  • Height: 186mm
  • Width: 81mm
  • Suitable for 450 and larger engines


  • Over-flow drain joint and tube
  • TPS (Trottle position sensor)
  • ACV for enrichemnt in decelaration
  • Hot re-start knob
  • Quad vents
  • Throttle cable enclosure
  • High capacity float chamber
  • Float chamber baffle for rough terrain
  • Smooth bore for maximum air flow
  • Flat slide with vacuum release plate for best throttle response and flow control
  • Rollers on throttle valves and progressive linkage for smooth operation and control
  • Equipped with accelerator pump to eliminate flat spots
  • Designed for easy installations on popular motorcycles
  • A full range of spigots/adapters/velocity stacks/ is available
  • Easy jetting which can be done trackside
  • FCR42 Carburetor *1
  • Main Jet
  • Pilot Jet
  • Stickers *2
  • Instructions *1
  • Packaging Box *1

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FCR42 Carburetor

FCR42 Carburetor