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Nibbi Racing Team Secures Second Place at the 2024 FEES Far East Endurance Race

Nibbi Racing Team Secures Second Place at the 2024 FEES Far East Endurance Race

At this year's FEES Far East Endurance Race, the Nibbi Racing Team showcased exceptional teamwork and technical prowess, ultimately securing second place in the competition. The race attracted many excellent teams, and the three drivers of the Nibbi Racing Team proved their strength and the team's outstanding strategy with their excellent performance.

Race Overview

The FEES Far East Endurance Race tests the endurance and strategy of the drivers, with the race track primarily set in forest trails, including various natural obstacles, demanding high requirements from both drivers and vehicles. The drivers of the Nibbi  Racing Team had to maintain high concentration for several hours, relying on their skills and endurance, as well as support from the team's logistics, to stand out in the fierce competition.

Driver Performance

The three drivers of the Nibbi Racing Team performed excellently, not only demonstrating their individual driving skills but also the synergistic effect of working as a team. During the race, they repeatedly handled difficult sections of the forest trail with precise driving and timely vehicle adjustments, effectively tackling various challenges. The effort and sacrifice of each driver were key factors in achieving this result.

Technology and Strategy

The reason Nibbi Racing Team was able to achieve excellent results in the FEES Far East Endurance Race is not only due to the superb skills of the drivers but also thanks to the team's advanced technology and meticulous strategy. Before the race, the team finely tuned and tested the vehicles to ensure optimal performance under the conditions of the forest trail obstacles. Additionally, strategic stops and quick repairs also won valuable time for the team at critical moments.

Looking Forward

Although the Nibbi Racing Team did not win the championship this time, the second-place finish sufficiently proves the team's strength and potential. The team has already begun preparing for the next event, aiming to continuously improve and achieve higher success in future FEES Far East Endurance Races.


The outstanding performance of the Nibbi Racing Team in the FEES Far East Endurance Race not only showcased the drivers' skills and endurance but also proved the importance of team strategy and technical preparation. We look forward to the team making further progress in future races, bringing more thrilling racing moments.

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