PWN Carburetors Provide Precise Airflow Control. Better Throttle Response and Improved Engine Efficiency.

High-flow Design

Features a high-flow design, it provides better airflow and fuel atomization.

It helps improve engine performance and throttle response.

Throttle Bore Size

The PWN carburetors have a large throttle bore size, which allows for more airflow into the engine.

The larger the throttle bore, the more air can be drawn into the engine. It improves power and response.

Throttle-by-wire Technology

By using the throttle-by-wire technology to control the throttle position, it provides precise control over the fuel delivery.

This technology eliminates the need for a mechanical linkage between the throttle pedal and the carburetor.

Rintegrated Fuel Injection

Featured an integrated fuel injection system, it allows precise control of fuel delivery.

Multiple Adjustable Features

Air, fuel mixture, and idle speed, all have a range of adjustable features.

It allows for fine tuning of fuel delivery to optimize engine performance.

High-strength Materials

Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel high-strength materials, there is also an anti-oxidation layer.

It provides excellent durability under high pressure conditions.

Easy Maintenance

The modular design allows for easy disassembly and maintenance.

This is especially important in racing applications where quick repairs and adjustments are often required.