Adjustment method and maintenance method of motorcycle carburetor

Motorcycle carburetor (Carburetor) is a mechanical device that mia certain proportion of gasoline with air under the vacuum generated by engine work. The general carburetor can adjust the mixing ratio of the engine, that is, the ratio of oil and gas, as follows:


  1. Install the carburetor on the engine to ensure that its connection is intact and not leakage;


  1. The mixing ratio screw clockwise to the end, and then counterclockwise back to a circle and a half;


  1. Start the engine, and heat the car, the time is about 3~5 minutes, if the idle speed is not smooth, you can be appropriate to twist some of the accelerator, until the idle speed is basically stable;


  1. Counterclockwise idle screw, the engine idle speed to a certain extent, keep stable and not cut out;


  1. Adjust the position of the mixing ratio screw, clockwise counterclockwise, feel the engine idle speed to the fastest position, if the idle speed is not changed, twist back to the idle speed just changed to the maximum position;


  1. Then lower the idle speed again, repeat the fourth step and the fifth step 2~3 times, you can adjust the mixing ratio screw in place;


  1. Start turning the throttle and pressing the throttle. see if the engine acceleration is smooth. If it is not, repeat steps 4 and 5 again


Generally, carburetor idle adjustment, the engine get up five minutes left and right, idle mixing than screw tightened after a circle and a half to find the engine speed, after the idle screw, make the engine to the right turn, make the engine, speed can be stable, refueling after the oil, the engine will not automatically flameout.


Tip: because the position of the idle adjustment screw has an important impact on the motorcycle emission, idle speed, transition, fuel consumption and other performance. Idle speed is generally prohibited during carburetor cleaning.


Air-conditioning screw. If it is necessary to remove the idle air adjusting screw, first screw the screw, remember the number of rings (accurate to 1 / 8 laps), and return according to the original number of rings.


Adjustment method and maintenance method of motorcycle carburetor