Should the motorcycle carburetor be replaced or cleaned?

Today we mainly discuss whether the carburetor should be replaced or adjusted.


Many car friends have this experience, the car has a fault, seems to be the oil road, for oil, the master to the advice is generally to replace the carburetor, even if you want to adjust, the master is not willing to. Why? The key is that a carburetor is too cheap, only a few dozen yuan US dollars, and adjust the time and labor do not say, how to calculate the cost?


In this way, I will understand that we must replace the new carburetor for some master, but the ordinary model carburetor is cheap, can be changed casually, but some rare models or the old big row, their carburetor is quite difficult to find, can not be replaced at will.


In fact, the carburetor belongs to the classic mechanical parts, the internal moving parts are not much, but the design is very precise, because the internal flow is air and liquid, the usual wear and tear is not serious, so the general carburetor failure, can be solved through cleaning and adjustment.


But it needs to be noted that the carburetor is composed of precision parts, and the operation technical requirements are very high. A little careless will affect the performance of the motorcycle. Therefore, in addition to some fever car friends, it is not recommended to clean themselves, in order to prevent the cleaning but found that the hand more than a carburetor internal parts of the embarrassment.


But if you are an enthusiast, have a strong desire to start, then you can clean and adjust by yourself, because the cleaning steps online has been flying, do not repeat here, today only said some cleaning carburetor must pay attention to a few seemingly insignificant small problems.


  1. After removing the carburetor, cover the engine air inlet with clean cloth, tape or white paper to avoid dust or foreign matter.


  1. The environmental site of cleaning the carburetor should be quiet and clean. Before cleaning, use a brush dipped in a little gasoline to remove the dust and dirt on the appearance of the carburetor, and it is best to blow it with compressed air.


  1. Each volume hole of the carburetor is copper material, especially the word slot of the main quantity hole, which can not have any burr. The thickness of the screwdriver must be matched with the width of one word slot, otherwise, once the screwdriver slips in the slot, it will produce metal debris falling into the volume hole, affecting the formation of combustible mixture atomization.


  1. When cleaning the carburetor body and each volume hole, it must be blown with compressed air. It is absolutely forbidden to use the cloth to wipe the carburetor and its parts, in order to prevent the small impurities left in the invisible place of the naked eye, become a hidden trouble.


  1. If the volume hole is blocked, it can only use gasoline and compressed air to wash and blow, and it is strictly prohibited to forcibly dredge with hard things such as steel wire, so as not to change the aperture of the volume hole, resulting in the performance of the carburetor.


  1. The vacuum diaphragm valve structure, must remove the diaphragm and then blow the air access and fuel access, otherwise it will damage the diaphragm. When loading, hold the vacuum piston with the index finger to the side of the negative pressure chamber, align the direction mark of the diaphragm valve at the concave groove on the carburetor body, and then install the spring and the vacuum chamber cover in turn.


  1. If the carburetor cleaning agent is used to blow the washing hole, the cleaning agent ejected the carburetor cleaning cylinder, the pressure will naturally become smaller, for the carburetor for a longer time, the dirt in the oil channel is more stubborn, so simply spray is not easy to be thoroughly washed. Therefore, conditions can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine, in order to put the stubborn gum through ultrasonic vibration. If the conditions are not available, it is recommended to use medical syringe to absorb gasoline to clean the holes, oil channels and airway of the carburetor.


Should the motorcycle carburetor be replaced or cleaned?

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