Normal maintenance details for the carburetor

The normal maintenance of carburetor is actually to maintain the cleanliness of carburetor when leaving the factory, which is controlled as a key index of carburetor quality assessment in the professional carburetor manufacturer, and uses a kinds of advanced equipment and technology to strictly control in each link of production. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of the carburetor, we must pay attention to the normal maintenance of the carburetor: clean the carburetor regularly, keep the oil duct and airway clean, and the patency of small aperture. This is also quite important to extend the service life of the carburetor. Many failures of carburetor performance can be solved by regularly cleaning the carburetor regularly.


  1. Carburetor is a key component in the engine, and small changes may affect the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, in the process of carburetor disassembly, appropriate tools should be used, and the strength is moderate, in order to prevent the deformation of the parts. The disassembled parts should be placed in order to prevent leakage or misassembly in the assembly.


  1. Cleaning of the carburetor shall be carried out in a clean site. First, wipe the outer surface of the carburetor, the cleaning of internal parts can be used carburetor special cleaning agent or industrial gasoline. In addition to impurities, pay attention to cleaning the gasoline gel on the surface of the parts. The cleaned parts should be cleaned with compressed air, not the cloth or paper that can be used to prevent re-pollution. Blocked holes should not be opened by hard objects such as steel wires to prevent the change of the aperture caused by the carburetor performance changes, should use gasoline or compressed air cleaning out.


  1. During the assembly process of the carburetor, avoid once tightening the floating chamber coupling screw, the carburetor and the engine coupling screw. It must be tightened several times. Generally, the tightening torque is 12N.m-m between. Otherwise, it will cause the deformation of the binding surface, and appear the air leakage or oil leakage phenomenon. The tightening torque of measuring hole parts is generally 1.5N.m~3.0N. Between m, the tightening torque will damage the thread, resulting in deformation of parts and even metal chips, causing secondary pollution and affecting the performance of the carburetor.


  1. In the process of cleaning carburetor, if more sediment is found in the float room of carburetor, it is often caused by the failure of gasoline filter. At this point to check the gasoline filter, if it is invalid, you need to clean or replace a new gasoline filter.


  1. If the motorcycle is not used for a long time, it is necessary to drain the indoor fuel of the carburetor float to prevent the gasoline gum deposition and condensation, resulting in the carburetor failure. In addition, it should be emphasized that: because the position of the idle adjustment screw on the motorcycle emissions, idle, transition, fuel consumption and other performance have an important impact, the carburetor is generally prohibited to turn the idle air adjustment screw cleaning. If it is necessary to remove the idle air regulating screw, you should first screw the adjusting screw through, remember the number of screws (accurate to 1 / 8 laps), and return according to the original number of laps.

Normal maintenance details for the carburetor